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What's A Frankenhouse And How Can You Fix It?
Gaps & Flooring Issues
Gaps and flooring issues are a common theme among frankenhouses, since these properties suffer from disjointed planning and execution of the renovation process. They arise because of building materials that lack uniformity, and flooring inconsistency and funny angles can also signal larger issues.
Unkempt Lawns
Strange landscaping choices impose the same kind of disjointed feeling on the home that interior elements can bring to the table. For example, unkempt lawns with pronounced oddities in tree placement or branch management and poorly planned bushes or hedges.
Stair Consistency
Stairs are a big indicator of inconsistency in finishing renovations. Gaps in staircases indicate a lack of planning in the construction of the staircase. Contractors rarely make mistakes like this, and so a problem with the stairs is likely a product of shoddy DIY work.
Funky Flooring
The flooring elements should be your first action area if you've purchased a frankenhouse. Starting with the floor gives you a foundation to build up from and functions as the core building block for everything else that will occupy each room of the house.
Cohesive Lighting
Lighting is an essential component of any home, but a mixed bag of light fixtures, bulb types, and light placements can perhaps be an even worse fate for a homeowner. These noxious incompatibilities take away from the aesthetic of the home and make the space feel chaotic and unappealing.