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What's Causing That White Residue On Your Clothes After Washing Them?
The most common cause of white residue on washed clothes is using too much detergent and not enough water, especially if the water isn't warm enough to dissolve the soap.
Be very mindful if you use powdered detergent to wash your clothes because the dry granules need copious amounts of hot water and time to break down completely.
If your detergent doesn't have enough time or hot water to dissolve, it will collect on your clothes. Adding too much fabric softener can result in the same outcome.
If your clothes are coated with white streaks even if you're using the recommended amount of soap or softener, then the problem may be too little water and too much laundry.
Stuffing your washer with dirty clothes prevents proper water circulation and drainage. Any leftover soap that isn't removed in the rinse cycle will appear as residue on clothes.
If user error isn't the issue, inspect your washing machine. Over time, dirt, soap scum, and mineral deposits can build up in the drum and get onto your laundry during the wash.
If your drum is clean, something may be blocking the washing machine's water pump. Water won't be able to drain out of the
tub fast enough, leaving your clothes covered in residue.