Water pouring from a kitchen faucet
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What’s Causing The Low Water Pressure In Your Home
Low water pressure is an inadequate water supply to fully complete daily household tasks. Here are a few reasons why your home may be experiencing low water pressure.
One cause of low water pressure in your home could be a shut or blocked water meter valve. If this valve is closed or blocked, it can restrict water flow.
Another cause is mineral buildup as accumulation
of deposits clogs pipes, reducing water flow and causing pressure to drop. Faulty plumbing fixtures can also reduce water pressure.
Corroded pipes may also be the issue. Older homes with galvanized pipes may suffer from corrosion that restricts water flow and leads to low water pressure.
If your neighbors are also experiencing a sudden drop in water pressure, a break in the water main in your area could be the cause.
If your home is on a well, you could be experiencing well failure or pump issues. A malfunctioning water pressure regulator can
also disrupt the balance, causing pressure to drop.