A potted fiddle leaf fig on a wooden floor
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What's Causing Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves To Turn Yellow
Yellowing of fiddle leaf fig is the plant's way of signaling that it isn't comfortable with its current conditions. Finding out the exact cause might require a thorough assessment.
Overwatering the plant can harm its roots and cause yellowing leaves, as the roots struggle to breathe and are vulnerable to rot and infections when constantly submerged in water.
Analyze the soil's quality, too, and ensure it's nutrient-rich. A lack of nutrients, like nitrogen, magnesium, and iron, in the plant's soil may cause the leaves to turn yellow.
A fiddle leaf fig thrives on luminous, indirect sunlight. If placed in a spot that's dim or lacking natural light, the plant's likely to complain through those yellowing leaves.
The plant prefers a stable, consistent setting, so a sudden shift in its position may also lead to yellow leaves. Additionally, it could also be a result
of pest infestation.