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Lowe's Vs.
Home Depot
Corporate Comparison
Lowe’s currently ranks #127 in Global Top 100 Brands and has a $136.7 billion market cap, while Home Depot ranks #85 with a $301.6 billion cap. Home Depot maintains higher corporate culture and work condition rankings by employees than Lowe’s.
Stores And Real Estate
The average Lowe’s store has 144,000 square feet of space, whereas Home Depot averages 129,000. Despite having less square footage per store, Home Depot operates 2,287 locations, surpassing Lowe’s with only 2,002.
Revenue And Sales
As of 2020, Home Depot made $132.11 billion in sales and sold stock for $408.81 a share. These numbers are far higher than the $89.6 billion in sales and $255.05 shares Lowe’s saw in the same year.
Commercial Services
Home Depot offers better bulk package pricing, which lowers the cost for contractors, and this may be one of the reasons they report 45% of sales coming from professional contract services. Lowe’s, however, only reports 20% to 25% of professional contract sales.
Classes And DIY
Lowe’s excels in aiding customers with DIY-related questions, they host children’s building clinics twice a month, and they maintain a strong social media presence. Home Depot offers similar clinics for kids, and they have also added events specifically for women.