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When Painting Your Patio Avoid Using These Colors
When painting a patio, the right color will need to work well outdoors on both an aesthetic and functional level. Experts advise against overly bold, dark, or complex colors.
Dark colors can make the patio feel dull and spiritless, while bold designs and shades can overwhelm the space and clash with other elements on the patio.
Moreover, overly vibrant colors can fade prematurely when exposed to sunlight, and trendy patterns risk becoming quickly outdated, potentially affecting the home's resale value.
It's especially important to avoid dark blues and blacks, as they retain too much heat, which can make the patio uncomfortably warm during hot weather.
However, light colors like pure white and pastels aren't ideal either, as they are prone to staining and require frequent cleaning. It's best to opt for a simple,
balanced color.