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When To Buy A New Grill For The Best Savings
Those interested in buying a new grill should wait until after the peak season in July and during national holidays. After the Fourth of July, many retailers cut their prices.
Discounts start small and tend to increase as you get closer to autumn. September boasts deep discounts because stores are trying to clear out old inventory for holiday items.
Conversely, the worst time to buy a grill is in the months leading up to summer. The exception is Memorial Day, though it’s better known for mattress sales than grill sales.
Prices tend to be highest in June when demand is highest in anticipation of summer. If you need a new grill during that time, it’s best to wait until after America’s birthday.
One of the best times to snag a deal is during Amazon’s two-day shopping blowout sale, Prime Day. You can also find discounted grills on Black Friday.