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When To Let The Pros Handle A Brown Recluse Spider Problem
Brown recluse spiders have large, brown bodies with a violin shape on their back. Spotting one in your home may be enough to call pest control, in case you have an infestation.
Causing necrosis of the skin, brown recluse bites are extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal, Children, the elderly, and those with compromised health are at particular risk.
These spiders mate in the summer; one female can lay over 50 eggs in a single sac. They take about a month to hatch, so if you spot one spider, there may be more.
Look for off-white egg sacs measuring 2 to 3 inches in your home. A professional can inspect any webs and determine what kind of spider they belong to.
As they eat insects like flies or crickets, a sudden decrease in bugs can signal a brown recluse infestation. These spiders bite when disturbed, so be careful not to disrupt nests.
Brown recluses like to nest in dark places and can enter your home through holes in your windows, walls, and doors. An expert can help seal off gaps and prevent recurring problems.
While DIY methods of deterring these spiders exist, they aren’t guaranteed to work. It is better to call in pest control, who can inspect your space for spiders and set traps.