Tall stalks of pampas grass in yard
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When To Plant Pampas Grass For A Gorgeous Yard
Pampas grass is tall and flowy, bringing a beach vibe wherever it grows. To enjoy this perennial grass in your own yard, you should plant it in the spring from April to mid-June.
Whether you are starting from seeds or a cutting, you should begin planting in the spring to allow the grass ample time to develop its roots and get the strength it needs to grow.
The warm spring sun also helps the roots form properly in the soil. Once established, pampas grass grows rapidly, and it can reach its full height within a few months of planting.
If you’d like to propagate your already established pampas grass, the best time to do so is also the spring to allow the newly separated plants time to acclimate before winter.
Divide your grass into clumps, look for a section you want to split, then separate it from the parent plant. Trim your old growth to give the new sections ample resources to live.