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When To Use Handles Instead Of Knobs On
Your Kitchen Cabinets
You want your cabinets to be as functional as possible, so consider the pros and cons of handles versus knobs before choosing one for your kitchen.
Pull handles are the most ergonomic for quick and safe activity in the kitchen. They're better suited to lower cupboards or sliding drawers, as they offer a firm and easy grip.
Pulls are better for older people who may have weaker hands, and they cut down on the amount of contact hands have with the actual cabinets, helping to keep cupboard doors clean.
Knobs can be the quirky and affordable choice when it comes to decorating cabinets, adding tons of character to your kitchen, though small simple knobs will blend in.
Knobs are easier to install and tend to be the cheaper option, but steer clear of small knobs if you have large or heavy cabinets. They also work better on elevated cabinets.