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Where Should You Place Malachite Crystals In Your Home?
What Is Malachite?
Malachite is an attractive crystal that can bring good luck, abundance, spiritual growth, and confidence. Widely referred to as the transformation stone due to its ability to help you keep a positive mindset during change, you will get the best use out of malachite by placing it at an optimal place in your home.
Kids’ Rooms
Because malachite is a crystal also used for protection, a great place for it is in your children's rooms. Because children's bedrooms are a place of constant change and growth, malachite can be used in this space to help children deal with their ever-changing world.
Home Office
Your home office is another useful place to keep this gem, as it can keep your energy levels high. Malachite crystals are known to bring forth good luck and prosperity, so keeping a malachite stone nearby while you work may help you attract a raise, a bonus, or opportunities to make more money.
Front Door
Some users believe that malachite can create a force field around the entrance of your home, which keeps out hostile forces while strengthening positive relationships with its healing, soothing properties. Leaving malachite by your front door can also help you clean the negative energy off of yourself each time you walk through the door.