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Where To Add Vinegar To Your Washing Machine For An Efficient Clean
Vinegar’s versatile properties can be used in your laundry routine as a fabric softener or to clean your machine. However, adding it to the wrong compartment can cause damage.
To use vinegar as a fabric softener, add it to the softener compartment of a front-load washer, or for a top-loader, add a ½ cup to the machine’s dispenser during its rinse cycle.
Clean your front-load washer by spraying the rubber gasket with vinegar, wiping it down with a towel, and then adding 2 cups to the detergent drawer before running a full cycle.
For a top-loader, add 4 cups to the drum and run the machine. Pause it once the drum fills with water, let it sit for an hour while you clean the components, then resume the wash.
For both types of washers, the cycle should run on the highest temperature setting. After finishing, add a ½ cup baking soda to the drum and run it again to clear the vinegar out.
Keep in mind that using this method frequently can corrode your machine and damage your clothes, so always use the correct measurements and dilute your vinegar properly.