Air purifier in a bedroom
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Where To Place Your Air Purifier For Maximum Benefit
Finding the right space for your air purifier can greatly benefit residents' health. When placed in ideal locations, air purifiers can become upwards of 20% more efficient.
Air purifiers are best suited inside spacious rooms with little obstruction by large surfaces, so that their vents and airflow aren't hindered from dispersing the purified air.
Pricier models typically purify the air from a greater distance, so investing in a more expensive purifier allows you to easily decontaminate the air in larger areas of your house.
Larger models are ideal for areas of the house that experience the most activity and foot traffic since there's a greater chance for pollutants to enter and spread from outdoors.
Since air purifiers work best in environments completely unrestricted by other objects, space your air purifier anywhere from 6 to 15 inches away from other objects and walls.
Air purifiers may also impact the efficiency of electronics if installed near them, so distance the products from televisions, computers, consoles, and other devices.
Refrain from placing your purifier near generators of heat such as portable heaters and radiators or in moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms.