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Where To Plant Dahlias For Beautiful Blooms
When your stunning, sun-worshiping dahlias delight you with an abundant display of flamboyant blooms, it will have been worth your efforts to keep them healthy — and here’s how.
As members of the Asteraceae family and originating in the high plains of Mexico, dahlias have adapted to both warmer and cooler climates, blooming from late summer through autumn.
The Old Farmer's Almanac classifies dahlias as annuals in USDA zones 7 and below, dying after a long flowering season, and perennials in zones 8 and above, regrowing from tubers.
If you have a sunny climate with cool nights, plant your dahlias where they’ll get direct sun for six to eight hours daily; however, plant them in partial shade in hotter areas.
Dahlias can also grow in shade, but they’ll need to be protected during cold winters. They can also be grown in pots if the pots are big enough and have well-drained, aerated soil.
However, they must stay outdoors, as garden center owner Steven Edney told The Middle-Sized Garden, "Dahlias can't be grown as a houseplant ... The light levels are just too low.”