Man installing drywall using cordless drill.
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Where To Use Green Board Drywall, According
To An Expert
Jon Weist from Ripped Jean Construction exclusively told House Digest that, “Green board is an informal term for moisture-resistant drywall.”
When it comes to the moisture-prone areas of your home, such as bathrooms, basement, and the kitchen, green board drywall might just work better than regular drywall.
“The paper face (used in green board drywall) includes additives that prevent moisture from getting inside, which in turn
would create the conditions for mold,” Weist explained.
One downside to green board drywall is it can cost up to 50% more than standard drywall. However, the less moisture that creeps into your foundations, the longer they will last.
If you have smaller bathrooms or a room that boasts more water-based appliances or doesn't have good ventilation, these are the spaces to add green board drywall.
You can also help the green board drywall do its
job by adding ventilation fans in your rooms and keeping furniture apart from the walls to allow proper
air circulation.