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Where's The Best Place To Live In Massachusetts?
Massachusetts is a pricey state to live in, but it has plenty of gems outside its urban centers. The city of Somerville offers many features and is a good place to set roots down.
Somerville has some of the lowest housing costs in a state where the median home price topped $600,000. Its strong sense of community makes it one of the safest cities in America.
Its public schools score very well compared to similar school districts across the country, drawing on prestigious names like Harvard and MIT, as well as thriving local culture.
This progressive city founded a Racial and Social Justice (RSP) Department in 2021, surveying its diverse residents in community sessions to reimagine policing and public safety.
The city, home of Marshmallow Fluff and an annual Fluff Festival, is also home to The Museum of Bad Art, a Legoland Discovery Center, and multiple opportunities for jobseekers.