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Which Is Better, Cloth Or Plastic Shower Curtain Liner?
If you’re debating whether your next shower curtain liner should be plastic or cloth, there are a few factors to consider. A big one is environmental safety, as a 2008 CHEJ study publicized the toxic building blocks of PVC shower curtain liners, and this led many people to swear off all plastic shower curtain liners.
While some plastic shower curtain liners can be hazardous to your health, fabric liners may even be quicker to fall victim to mildew and mold, due to their higher rate of absorption. However, fabric liners are also incredibly easy to clean, as they can simply be thrown in the washing machine, as opposed to plastic liners, which require a baking soda mixture and vigorous scrubbing.
Fabric liners also make less noise than plastic ones, so a plastic shower curtain liner probably shouldn't be your first choice if you're sensitive to sound or synthetic textures. Of course, it will ultimately come down to personal preference, although it’s hard to imagine many people preferring a synthetic, semi-rigid plastic liner.