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Which Patio Shape Is Right For Your Backyard?
When choosing a round, rectangular, or freeform patio for your backyard, consider the architectural style of your home, the available space, and how you'll use the patio.
If you have a small backyard or want something simple, square and rectangular patios are great options that maximize space. A long rectangular patio makes areas look bigger.
Square and rectangular patios are good choices if you want a TV on your patio because they allow you to set up your chairs easily to face the television.
Square and rectangular patios are also good for an outdoor kitchen. You can separate it from the seating area or place it in the middle with chairs and tables surrounding it.
If you use your patio for socializing and spending time with loved ones, a circular patio might be the best option, but they're harder to make and aren't good for tight spaces.
Patios with rounded edges are a great way to create a softer, more natural atmosphere in the backyard because they allow for intimate seating arrangements in the space.
Freeform patios are an excellent choice for your backyard if you want to be creative and unique. A freeform patio works well in an irregularly shaped backyard with lots of space.
A two-level patio is another option that can be right for you if you want different functions for different levels or need to build on an uneven yard.