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Whip Up A DIY Shoe Hanger In Minutes With Tiktok’s Easy Trick
If you're finding it hard to make space for shoes in your closet, turn to an old wire hanger that may be lying around your home and turn it into a shoe hanger in a few minutes.
As shown by the TikTok video by @homelyhacks, collapse the shape of the hanger and bend it into a "W" shape with both ends sticking up, as demonstrated in the clip.
You can bend the hanger with your hands, but if it's difficult, use a set of pliers. Once bent, insert your shoes into place on both ends, with the toes facing up and outward.
Then, use the hook to hang your makeshift shoe holder on the rack. This trick will free up storage space for other essentials and preserve the cleanliness of your home, too.