Modern bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower
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Why A Separate Bath And Shower Might Be A Bad Idea
Having a separate bath and shower in your bathroom is a sustainable yet expensive choice because installing independent fixtures means you'll have to invest in separate controls.
A plumbing contractor also has to work out a plan since freestanding and jetted tubs have specific requirements, necessitating an update to the supply pipes and DMW system.
These pipes can be on the same wall and still need regular upgrades. Also, if a tub's load exceeds 30 pounds per square foot when it's full, you’ll have to reinforce the floors.
Your water heater might even require a capacity upgrade unless you like cold soaks. Separate bath and shower arrangements overall are relatively high maintenance.
Since there's no overhead shower water dripping down to clear out the regular muck and grime buildup in the bath, you’ll need to work harder to keep your bathroom sanitary.
Ideally, you need a minimum of 60 square feet to upgrade your bathroom with a separate bath and shower conveniently, in order to avoid making your space cluttered and messy.