Beautiful flowered garden featuring black-eyed Susans
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Why Black-Eyed Susans Are The Perfect Flower To Plant In Fall
Black-eyed Susans have yellow petals and a dark, almost black center which make them stand out in any garden. They are also covered in coarse hair known as trichomes.
These trichomes have a scratchy texture that deer hate consuming, which makes the black-eyed Susan a humane deer-resistant choice for gardeners.
Thanks to their perennial nature, black-eyed Susans return season after season, saving you both time and money. They even require minimal upkeep and are drought and heat-tolerant.
These flowers are also a dependable source of sustenance for pollinators in the autumn season, and bees and butterflies, in particular, are attracted to their daisy-like blooms.
Planting these in your garden supports the local ecosystem by providing a haven for these pollinators while keeping your garden beautiful.