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Why Buying Appliances At Home Depot May Cause You Trouble
The Home Depot is a great place to buy all the tools and materials needed to complete your DIY projects. However, there are a few things CBS News says to avoid purchasing at The Home Depot, and these include their appliances, as the store’s main focus is helping you complete home projects, not selling appliances.
While The Home Depot carries a decent selection of different appliance types and brands, their customer service isn't the best, and the return policy on major appliances may cause some frustration. That’s mainly because, after 48 hours of receiving an appliance, The Home Depot will no longer allow for returns or exchanges and will, instead, direct you to the manufacturer.
If you're looking to buy your appliances from a large chain retailer, Lowes or Costco has larger selection and better support. The added benefits of Costco, for instance, are great customer service, free removal of your old appliances, and overall lower prices, as well as exclusive promotions for Costco members.