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Why Cleaning Your Shower With Dishwasher Tablets Is A Big Mistake
While it may be tempting to wash your shower with a dishwasher tablet, they can actually compromise the integrity of your shower tiles. Plus, they're not very effective.
Dishwasher tablets are specially formulated hard tablets that aren't designed to tackle insoluble mineral salts like scum consisting of limescale and magnesium compounds.
Their sodium components make them unfit to get rid of soap scum and shower lines. The tablet itself would only end up dissolving and wearing down without giving you results.
The tablets are also tiny, hard, and difficult to scrub across the surface of a whole shower, requiring an insane amount of physical energy to even use.
Instead, use a solution containing equal parts water and vinegar, along with a tablespoon of dish detergent, to break down hard minerals on shower tiles in about 20 minutes.