Houseplant Philodendron Birkin on the window sill
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Why Cotton Gloves Are
The Secret To Reviving Your Dusty Houseplants
Dust and dirt on indoor plants ruin their aesthetic appeal, inhibit their ability to photosynthesize, and even harbor hidden pests — yet they’re all preventable with cotton gloves.
You can gently but effectively clean dusty houseplants with cotton gloves, which will ensure you don't accidentally pluck the leaves or damage the delicate stems.
Use an existing pair or buy three pairs of Selizo white gloves from Amazon for under $6. They will protect you from pests and insects, soil, and aggravating plant sap.
Wear a pair of clean gloves, hold a leaf gently, then move the gloved hand over it to clean it. Place the other hand beneath the leaf to support extra delicate plants.
Sprinkle water onto the leaves and use another clean pair of gloves to go over each leaf again. It will keep the leaves shining and take care of lingering dust and pests.