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Why Cracking Your Windows Open in Winter Does Wonders For Your Home
Keeping your home as warm as possible is usually a primary focus when the weather turns frosty, but when the house isn't aired out properly, you risk respiratory diseases becoming triggered and mold developing on the walls. Here's why cracking your windows open in winter works wonders for your home and why you should do it more.
Opening windows during winter is great for your home because it lets out the stale air that becomes trapped indoors caused by heaters and even candles. Bacteria also thrives in warmth and humidity, so opening the windows for as little as five minutes a day in the winter can let the cold air keep your rooms fresh and improve the air quality of your home.
It's essential for your health that the air quality in your home is acceptable and harmful pollutants are kept at bay because excessive exposure to air pollution affects health in various ways. Fresh air benefits the body because it cleans the lungs, bolsters the immune system, helps with digestion, and even reduces the chance of catching airborne diseases.