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Why 'Curing' Is So Important When Installing Tiles Over Schluter
Schluter Systems are waterproofing membranes that help your tiles sit on a water-resistant base, preventing moisture from seeping into them and damaging the underlying drywall.
However, to get the most out of the product, it's crucial to cure it or give it the correct amount of time to dry and become waterproof before you start applying the tiles.
When using products like Schluter KERDI-BOARD in areas that often get wet, wait
at least 24 hours.
In most other applications of KERDI-BOARD, you can install tiles on the same day.
There are exceptions to this rule, but curing the membrane is a must. Curing changes the composition of the material, in which the adhesive shrinks in volume and dries throughout.
Curing helps the polymers and resins within the product adhere better to the wall’s surface, creating a solid bond that prevents any movement and subsequent leaks
in the future.
Another popular product is Schluter DITRA-HEAT, a membrane placed on the ground to support radiant heated flooring. Interestingly, this system doesn’t require you to wait to tile.
You can apply the material first, then place the heating cables according to your desired layout in the Schluter, test them, and start installing the tiles right over the top.