Birds gathered around a bird feeder
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Why Ditching Your Bird Feeder Is A Good Idea, According To TikTok
According to TikTok user @microflowerfarm, ditching your bird feeder in favor of birdhouses and ponds might just be the solution you need to tackle pest problems in your garden.
This unconventional gardening tip works by encouraging visiting birds to hunt for pests, thereby naturally reducing the number of unwanted guests in your yard.
Traditional bird feeders can lead to the spread of avian diseases and make birds more vulnerable to predators — issues that are significantly mitigated by adopting this practice.
Moreover, this strategy helps in deterring other pests, like rodents, by preventing the spoilage and bacterial buildup that typically occurs around conventional feeders.
However, it's worth noting that the effectiveness of this approach might be most pronounced in gardens with a substantial pest presence and lacks direct scientific validation.