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Why DIYers Are All Buying This Item At HomeGoods
With a vast selection of indoor and outdoor home décor products, savvy shoppers look to HomeGoods for its assortment of affordable home products. If you're on the hunt for great items for your next sewing or DIY project, HomeGoods has cheap yet versatile fabrics to choose from.
As a fun project, HomeGoods has cloth napkins that can be used to make throw pillows for less than $3 per pillow, including stuffing. With these, you can make a bed or sofa look more appealing and inviting, without diminishing your storage space or spending too much.
Likewise, tablecloths are made from various fabrics that are meant to be resilient and decorative, and they can easily be repurposed to create everything from tote bags to curtains. You can purchase two 96" length tablecloths for $8.99 each at HomeGoods to decorate average-sized windows.