Creeping dogwood with white blooms
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Why Ground Covers Are A Game-Changer For Your Yard
One of the fastest ways to give your yard a boost is by removing bare spots in the grass, which is why you should consider ground cover plants that grow where grass doesn’t thrive.
Ground cover plants are those that spread easily, allowing them to cover a large space. They typically hug the ground tightly, rather than growing upward like flowers or grass.
You often don't need to mow them because they tend to remain close to the soil, reducing the amount of maintenance you need to perform, including regular watering in some cases.
Arguably, the best reason to use them is because of their toughness — they grow thick and dense, which leaves little room for weeds to find sunlight to grow.
Ground cover plants also generate a splash of color, from purple, orange, and pink to blue, red, and yellow flowering, that creates an interesting focal point.
The flowers attract bees and birds, giving the yard a vibrancy that grass simply cannot duplicate. Some people even use them to frame a sidewalk or driveway in a colorful way.