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Why HGTV's David Visentin Avoids Major Renovation Before Selling
Although it's important to fix things that are broken or unsafe before selling your home, HGTV's David Visentin suggests skipping impractical, overpriced renovations.
Visentin explains that while newly updated kitchens and bathrooms may pique the interest of homebuyers, they also have a high price tag, which makes renovations too expensive.
The limit of materials has also continued following the economic drawbacks of the pandemic. Visentin says that since you're moving out, it's best to risk the least amount.
Instead, you should try seeking ways to improve these areas without getting into a deep, costly project. The key to doing so lies in subtle appearances.
In the kitchen, keep all windows clear, counters clean, and shelves organized. Place bar stools and chairs around an island or a table with a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit.
Present the bathroom without signs of stains, rust, or mold. Apply caulking if needed, and give the space ample, natural light, adding plants, crisp, folded towels, and fragrance.