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Why HGTV's Emily Henderson Supports TVs Over The Fireplace
HGTV star Emily Henderson’s recent blog entry tackles the online debate on whether or not it is okay to hang a TV over a fireplace. She believes that this option is, in fact, okay.
Henderson reasons that if you have a lounging couch, you'll be able to view the high-hung TV without worrying about hurting your neck.
A less-formal fireplace may help the television make more sense in the design. Also, keep in mind that there are scenarios where a TV above a fireplace will be your only option.
For instance, if most of the walls are filled with windows, and the only free wall is above the fireplace, then there’s clearly no other choice.
In terms of aesthetics, Henderson says, "It [...] looks better to have a Frame TV over your fireplace than to have it awkwardly floating on a different wall."