Overflowing laundry room with unorganized clothes
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Why IKEA's Nysjon Cabinet Is Perfect For An Organized Laundry Room
IKEA’s Nysjon laundry cabinet for $169.99 could be the solution to your laundry room problems — it provides plenty of storage space and is compact enough to suit smaller rooms.
Designed to sort dirty laundry, the cabinet has two sizable holes in the front of its door. Toss clothes through one of those openings, and it will land inside the provided basket.
Place two cabinets next to each other so there’s even more space for dirty laundry; opt for the Nysjon Storage combo for an extra cabinet; or pair it with the Enhet Storage combo.
Reviews of the unit boast a sleek, durable design and easy installation, but some found putting in the final details, like the rings, and ordering replacement bins a challenge.