double-tiered kitchen countertop with sink
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Why Installing Double-Tiered Kitchen Countertops Could Be
A Mistake
Double-tiered countertops are divided into two levels: your workspace on the bottom and a dining area on the top. However, this extra layer can limit your working area.
The higher tier can prevent you from completing your tasks, such as food prep, by creating a barrier, which can be an issue for any gathering you might have.
While the two tiers can add a bit of flair, they can take away from the other décor and materials in the kitchen and steal the spotlight of other features in the room.
Double-tier countertops also make small kitchens appear even smaller, as they will limit the space available to walk around the counters or designated food prep areas.
In addition to restricting the amount of room you have in the area, double-tier countertops can be costly since they are more complex to build and require more labor time.
If you're renovating your kitchen, opting for a one-level countertop with broad, even surfaces will maximize your space and complement any interior design style.