Young Asian man utilizing a tape measure on granite countertops
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Why Installing Modular Granite Kitchen Countertops Could Be
A Mistake
Modular granite has emerged as an affordable and DIY-friendly alternative to traditional granite kitchen countertops. However, it has functional and aesthetic shortcomings.
Modular granite slabs are made by joining multiple small granite pieces, which leaves behind visible seams and increases susceptibility to cracking, chipping, and staining.
These countertops can be challenging to set up since each piece needs to be precisely fitted and secured, and improper placement can affect their durability.
Additionally, modular granite comes in pre-cut sizes and shapes with limited texture and material options, making it difficult to find something that precisely fits
your needs.
Lastly, their less appealing look could negatively impact a home's resale value. Therefore, despite its benefits, modular granite countertops may not be a good budget alternative.