A gardener spreading fertilizers across a green lawn
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Why It's A Mistake To Weed And Feed Your Lawn In The Middle
Of Summer
Applying weed and feed granules to your lawn in the middle of summer may not only be a futile endeavor but can also pose potential harm to your lawn.
First, these granules often lose their effectiveness in hot weather, especially when temperatures soar above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, rendering them a potential waste of money.
Additionally, applying these products within two months of the last application can inadvertently damage the grass' root system rather than nurture it.
Overusing the fertilizer portion, especially if the same formula was applied in the spring, can lead to an unwanted buildup of nitrogen, potassium, and salt in the soil.
The slow-release nutrients from the spring application might still be active, so a subsequent summer application could further disrupt the soil balance, thereby damaging the grass.