A garden rake with dried leaves
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Why Keeping Up With Raking Your Gravel Driveway Is So Important
Gravel driveways need regular raking to prevent debris accumulation, keep drainage flowing properly, and keep the surface even so cars and people can use it safely.
Leaves, twigs, and other debris can accumulate on the driveway surface, which can cover and clog the gaps between the gravel, thus impeding the water flow.
Raking your driveway and removing debris ensures the unobstructed flow of water, minimizes puddling, and reduces the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall.
Gravel driveways can also be fertile ground for weeds, especially if organic materials like leaves are left to decompose. This can be prevented by raking and removing detritus.
A well-maintained and raked driveway has a smooth, even surface that reduces the chances of tripping. It also reduces the risk of developing potholes, which can damage your tires.