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Lottery Dream Home Thinks You Should Keep Dark Countertops
To some people, dark countertops can seem like a boring or outdated look, but one HGTV show proves that they can complement a home by adding warmth and aesthetic support to a room.
In a 2022 episode of “My Lottery Dream Home,” David Bromstad toured a California home with medium brown granite kitchen countertops, showing how they can positively impact a space.
When paired with the right details, dark countertops can create an inviting, “very cozy and warm” atmosphere, no matter if they’re made from stone, laminate, or other materials.
If a modern black-and-white kitchen or bathroom feels too cold, try to liven up the space with pops of bright colors or lush greenery by using furniture and quirky accessories.
This is especially the case when dark-colored counters are paired with wooden accents, light-colored cabinetry, or dark features that can form a pleasing monochromatic effect.
Develop an aesthetic that fits your style, whether it's using light-colored counters that have been popular for the past years or dark-colored ones that are making
a comeback.