Nate Berkus attends the Nate and Jeremiah for Living Spaces Upholstery Collection Launch at Casita Hollywood
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Why Nate Berkus Avoids Prints On Large Furniture
Interior designer Nate Berkus advises that homeowners should stick to basic large-scale furniture, especially sofas, that have linen or cotton fabrics instead of flashy prints.
When interviewed by My Domaine, Berkus said, "Linens and cottons in solids can be dressed up or down easily and tend to look expensive." Prints, meanwhile, can steal the focus.
This is why Berkus suggests using solid colors and dressing them up with accessories like throw pillows and blankets for added color and textures.
Linen and cotton fabric are hypoallergenic, but neither are stain resistant. However, they are breathable, which makes them inviting and comfy even on the hottest days.