Black painted buffet table
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Why Painting Your Furniture Black Could Be A Big Mistake
Painting a large piece of furniture black, such as an entertainment center, can easily overwhelm your space and make the room look much smaller than it actually is.
Fingerprints, dust, crumbs, and pet hair also show up much more easily, which makes your black furniture look as though it’s constantly dirty, even after it’s been cleaned.
Knicks and scratches on the surface of furniture painted black will show up more prominently, thanks to the stark contrast in color from the paint to the wood beneath.
You’ll need to occasionally touch up the paint, especially if it's a piece of furniture that gets a lot of use, like the nightstand by your bed or your dining room table.
Your color choice may even affect the resale of your house. Black is more difficult to paint over than lighter shades and absorbs more sunlight, which leads to accelerated fading.