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Why Pet Owners Don't Need To Worry Too Much About Grass Snakes
Depending on whether you're in North America or Eurasia, what's considered a grass snake is quite different, which is why it’s important to know how to identify the risk-free ones.
Grass snakes in North America and Europe are dazzlingly green and known as smooth green snakes. They have a solid green back and prefer fields, bogs, marshes, and open water.
In Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia, grass snakes are dark green or dark brown with off-white or light-yellow bands — often with darker markings — around their necks.
Like their distant American relatives, Eurasian grass snakes often live near a water source, so if your home doesn't have one, it's less likely that this snake will nest nearby.
As a pet parent, you’re concerned about your animal’s safety, always finding ways to make your property pet-friendly, but you don’t need to worry about grass snakes.
Grass snakes are non-venomous and almost never bite. In the unlikely event of a bite, it would only cause a little pain and maybe an infection if the bite isn't cleaned quickly.
Due to pets’ fur, it’s hard to tell if they’ve been bitten. If your pet does get bitten and you're not 100% certain which kind of snake is the culprit, contact your vet immediately.