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Why Pet Owners May Want To Reconsider Growing Garlic In The Garden
Whether cats and dogs chomp down on garlic all at once or eat some every day while out in the yard, Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic reports that this plant can be fatal.
Drooling, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea
are early signs of garlic poisoning. Lethargy and rapid heart and respiratory rates may also occur if red blood cells are damaged.
In extreme cases, your dog or cat may become anemic, or have low blood pressure which will result in an inability of the blood to clot properly.
Although cats are pickier when it comes to eating and may not eat a lot of garlic at once, they do have fewer specific liver enzymes which means the plant can affect them more.
In essence, cats have less ability to break down toxic substances and are more susceptible to becoming sick when ingesting something they shouldn't as a result.