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Why Pokeweed Is A Toxic Perennial And How To Get Rid Of It
Pokeweed is a plant whose clusters of rich, purple-colored berries and pink stems look beautiful in your yard but are quite poisonous when ingested by children and pets.
Though some people may cook pokeweed leaves, stems, and roots for medicinal reasons, improper preparation of these plant parts can also result in serious illness.
The plant, also called pokeberry, can grow between 6 and 10 feet in height in almost any kind of soil, and it doesn't have a preference for sunny or shady areas.
It is nearly impossible to pull this weed to eliminate it, as it has a deep taproot. Glyphosate or dicamba usually are the most successful chemicals for killing pokeberry.
If chemicals are not an option, pull the plant when it's young and try to prevent further growth by covering the area with a thick mulch or dark plastic to starve it from sunlight.