Cracked glass window with duct tape stuck onto it.
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Why Protecting Your Home With Duct Tape Could Be A Mistake
While most people think duct-taping their windows strengthens and prevents the glass from shattering during storms, experts claim it can harm you and your home.
According to the president and CEO of Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Leslie Chapman-Henderson, "The shards can become bigger because they're being held together."
These larger pieces of glass can be deadly in the case of a windy storm — creating even more hazardous conditions than the smaller pieces that would've broken off otherwise.
The Director of the National Hurricane Center, Bill Read, says, "Our goal is to break this myth. [Duct tape] does not protect your windows […] and people can get severely hurt."
Leaving your windows as they are is actually better than using duct tape. You can also install plywood boards to protect your windows or hook together your permanent shutters.