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One of the best ways to protect upholstery is with a product like Scotchgard, a UV- and stain-repellent spray that prevents spills from seeping deep down into the fibers of the fabric and causing stains. However, applying it to your furniture isn't always a good idea, and it can sometimes do more harm than good.
Scotchgard could remove the color from your upholstered furniture, and you should “test” it by spraying a small patch of the furniture in an unnoticeable place. Another risk is that you can apply too much spray and create an irreversible stain.
Using regular Scotchgard on leather or suede furniture can ruin the material, as the product is meant to be used only on washable fabrics. Check your furniture’s care tag, and if there is an X on it, you should not clean it with water or solvents.