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Why Silver Carpet Is An Excellent Grass Lawn Alternative
Silver carpet — known as dymondia — is an alternative to grass and is low maintenance and drought-resistant. Each plant covers 1-2 feet of ground and is great for a warm climate.
Silver carpet is not meant for rolling around in or being stepped on, so you should consider installing a walkway prior to planting. The silvery edges pair well with earth shades.
Remember to add mulch in bare spots around the flats as you plant silver carpet. This helps retain moisture from watering, keeps weeds at bay, and adds color and texture.
When you first plant silver carpet, you will need to water it every day until the roots deepen and the plants start to spread, but make sure your soil allows for proper drainage.
It thrives in sandy, loamy, or clay soil with a neutral pH level. As months pass, the silver carpet doesn't require as much watering which makes it simpler to maintain.
You should plant silver carpet between late February and early May. Once it’s well-established, you won’t have to worry about mowing or trimming, which makes it easy to care for.