Man on a ladder painting a ceiling
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Why The Cut-In Method Is Best When Painting Your Ceilings
When painting the ceiling, the best way to create the cleanest line is to use the cut-in method — create the line with a brush and then use a roller immediately afterward.
In one section at a time, use a freshly loaded angled brush to make a line close to the edge that you want to make perfectly straight. Don’t go back to the can for more paint.
Then, slowly push the paint you just applied into the angled edge between the wall and ceiling. This should help with not applying too much and having it leak onto the wall.
Carefully go back over the section with a roller while the paint is still wet to remove bristle marks. Work on the main part of the ceiling before moving on to the next section.
If you are worried about doing the job right, tape may be the better option, but it takes quite a bit of time to apply correctly. Using the cutting-in method goes much faster.