Black cat on counter next to plants
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Why This Foil Hack For Keeping Cats Off Counters Isn't A Perfect Solution
While adorable, cats have no place on a kitchen countertop. Although one hack uses aluminum foil to deter them from jumping on the counter, it turns out to be more myth than fact.
The trick claims that if a cat jumps from the floor onto a piece of aluminum foil, the resulting noise is loud and alarming enough to scare the feline into staying on the ground.
Although TikTok is rife with videos of cats freaking out after touching aluminum, the hack failed when House Digest’s senior lead editor put it to the test with her four cats.
Once the initial scare was over, the cats were more curious than fearful of the foil. In fact, they began playing with the material, “tap dancing” on it, and creating a ruckus.