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Why TikTok's Recent Laundry Trend Could Get You In Trouble With The Law
Shrinkflation, the practice of offering less product for the same price, is causing frustration among consumers. Laundry detergent companies have begun under-filling their bins too.
This has led some consumers to resort to pouring detergent from one bottle to fill another to the top, a new TikTok trend, which is not only unethical but also potentially illegal.
Additionally, filming yourself while topping up detergent bottles and sharing it online serves as incriminating evidence and sets a negative example for impressionable individuals.
Moreover, stealing detergent from one container to fill another impacts unsuspecting customers or the store, potentially leading to higher prices or restricted access to products.
Since the targets of your anger are the corporations employing shrinkflation, a boycott of their products would be more effective than stealing money from the stores selling them.