Person cleaning a grill with a sponge
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Why Using Cleaner To Scrub The Grill Might Be A Bad Idea
Using commercial cleaners to scrub your grill may seem like an efficient way to remove grease and burnt residue, but this convenience comes at a potential cost to your health.
The chemicals in these cleaners can linger on the grill and transfer to your food during cooking. Ingesting these substances, even in small amounts, can be harmful to your health.
Therefore, it might be wiser to invest in a quality scrubbing brush or make a DIY brush by balling up some aluminum foil and holding it with long tongs to scrub the grill grates.
Additionally, steer clear of stiff-wire brushes, as their bristles can end up in your food. A safer alternative is to use a grill stone, scraper, or a reliable non-wire brush.