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Why Using Paint With A Flat Finish In The Kitchen May Be A Big Mistake
Paint with a flat or matte finish makes cleaning up food messes a nightmare, meaning it’s a poor choice for your kitchen and should be traded out for shinier paint.
Food mess that gets onto a kitchen wall with a flat finish is highly noticeable because flat paint absorbs light — anything else on its surface stands out in bold relief.
In addition, if you use a sponge and even a gentle cleanser to clean up food on a kitchen wall that has a flat finish, you might rub the paint away, creating a bald spot.
To be able to easily wipe grease, food, and smudges off your kitchen walls without ruining the finish, you could use a satin or a semi-gloss or opt for something even
more glossy.
If you want the suede-like appearance of flat paint, use flat enamel paint, which won't reflect too much light and is better at handling moisture than regular flat paint.